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The Italian market potential for coffee

Italy is the second-largest importer of green coffee beans in Europe, after Germany. Coffee is an integral part of Italian culture. In addition to its own domestic market, Italy is also an important supplier of roasted coffee to other European countries. Italian espresso blends are famous around the world, and Italian coffee brands are appreciated by consumers worldwide.

Which requirements should coffee comply with to be allowed on the European market?

Buyer requirements can be divided into two groups: (1) legal and additional requirements which are applicable to all coffee exporters and (2) niche requirements, for coffee exporters aiming at accessing specific segments. Food safety is an important focus in legislative and additional requirements for coffee, including prevention of contamination. In terms of niche requirements, the growing importance of certification schemes follows the European trend towards ethical consumption. Nonetheless, high quality in itself is an important determinant in specialty markets.

Exporting coffee to Finland

Finland has the highest per capita coffee consumption rates in the world, at around 12 kg yearly. Finland imports almost all its coffee directly from developing countries, with Brazil as main supplier. A large part of coffee imports are re-exported to Russia in green or roasted form. More and more Finnish consumers are interested in a higher quality and more variety. Small specialty coffee roasters emerge, opening up space for a wider range of origins and suppliers within the Finnish market.

Exporting coffee to the United Kingdom

The coffee market in the United Kingdom used to be very different from other European countries. However, the market is changing rapidly. While tea used to be the traditional hot beverage in the United Kingdom, the coffee sector is growing in importance. While British consumers traditionally drink more instant coffee compared to the European countries, the sales of ground and speciality coffees are growing. Especially certified coffee is important for the British consumer.

Exporting specialty coffee from Uganda to Europe

Uganda has the potential to become a leading producer of high quality and internationally competitive coffee. As an Ugandan specialty coffee farmer or exporter you can use the information on this page to help you get your product on the European market.


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