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Apparel Sourcing Paris 2019

Connect with promising apparel companies at CBI’s stand at Apparel Sourcing Paris!

Join us from 16th to 19th of September 2019 on Apparel Sourcing Paris, the international trade show for fashion.

Apparel Sourcing Paris is the biggest garment sourcing show in Europe with more than 600 exhibitors from all over the world. It offers a wide and consistent sourcing for clothing: knitwear, casualwear, sportswear, outerwear and corporate wear.

Programme: Garments Myanmar

Myanmar’s companies will experience a period of huge change in the coming years. To thrive in this new environment, they need to meet three interlinked imperatives. First, they need to prepare to compete at home and overseas, building an understanding of the opportunities available in the different market and the strategies of competitors. Second, the need to rapidly reach international standards of quality and price for their goods and services, third they need to explore foreign partnerships as a source of capital and knowledge and need to connect to global supply chains’

Leather and leather products from Ethiopia

Do you have a Leather and/or leather products business in Ethiopia? Are you interested in an improved market position in the EU? The Netherlands Centre for the Promotion of Imports from developing countries (CBI) can show you the way. Our Business Export Coaching programmes have already guided multiple exporting organizations in for example Bangladesh, Colombia, Egypt, Pakistan, Peru, Myanmar, and Vietnam in the apparel sector towards successful business relations with European clients.

Jordan Apparel

This project is designed for ambitious and aspiring garment manufactures from Jordan who are eager to expand their export activities in the European market, CBI’s Jordan Apparel programme offers you good opportunities.

Fashion Forecast summer 2020

Are you a garment producer looking to export to the EU? Find the fashion trends for Summer 2020 in CBI’s Fashion Forecast. Explore the latest materials, colours and ideas European buyers are looking for. Download the study to get ahead of your competition.

What are the opportunities for outerwear apparel in the European market?

The European outerwear market is growing. Outerwear clothing items have more ‘wears per item’ than most other clothing pieces. This makes quality very important. If you can make the right combination of functionality and fashion, you have good opportunities to explore in the European market. Focusing on specific segments such as high fashion, sportswear or sustainable clothing can also give you a competitive edge.

Technology trends in the apparel industry

The apparel industry is facing great changes. Technology trends offer interesting opportunities, if you know how to use them to improve your business. Big data, combined with production automation and product technology innovation, has the potential to make manufacturing more precise, as well as more local and sustainable. Potential benefits include higher speed, faster delivery times and lower cost than currently, as a result of reduced shipping times and lower stocks.

Exporting islamic wear to Europe

The growing Muslim population in Europe offers many opportunities. Traditionally a market of homemade and tailored fashion, Islamic clothing is opening up to mass production and fast fashion. There is a demand for high‑quality garments, as well as modern, fast fashion Islamic clothing and high-end garments for urban professional Muslim women. If you can strike the right note on modesty, tradition and style, you have excellent opportunities in the European market.

Which European markets offer opportunities for exporters of apparel?

Europe is a promising market for apparel exporters from developing countries. European apparel imports are expected to continue increasing, having a substantial share sourced from developing countries. Interesting focus markets include Germany, France and the United Kingdom, which are the main importers and consumers of apparel in the European Union. Spain, Italy and the Netherlands also offer opportunities. China, Bangladesh and Turkey are the leading supplying countries to European apparel imports.

Opportunities for Moroccan denim and textiles in Northern Europe

Northern Europe (Germany, the Netherlands, United Kingdom, Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Finland) is a strong textile and fashion market with continuous growth. Its fast fashion and knitwear segments account together for nearly €47 billion. The denim subsegment accounts for over two thirds of Eurozone jeans imports and is valued at €4.63 billion, while the home and technical textiles segments account for €4.1 billion and €1.3 billion. All textile segments are characterized by diversity and stable growth.


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