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Food Ingredients Myanmar

  • Duration:
    2015 to 2019
  • Oilseeds
  • Sesame seeds, Groundnuts
  • Myanmar

Closed for applications

The goal of this programme is to help Myanmar export more food ingredients to Europe, especially oilseed and pulses. These products offer good opportunities for export to Europe. Myanmar is a major producer in this sector, but quite unknown in Europe. Our aim is to change that.

Myanmar is an upcoming economy with great opportunities for the European oil and oilseed sector. The country is the world’s biggest producer of sesame seeds and oil, the second in pulses and the fourth in groundnut oil. The oilseed sector is the top sector in Myanmar’s National Export Strategy. European importers are showing a lot of interest in this opportunity.

In the past, Myanmar did not export much to Europe. Now the country is opening up to foreign markets. CBI is working with several other partners to support this development and strengthen Myanmar’s economy in a sustainable way.

Project details

This programme began in 2015. The Dutch embassy in Myanmar asked CBI to explore possibilities for an integrated export coaching programme in Myanmar. The International Trade Centre (ITC) had already done extensive research. We are now working with ITC and other partners to move forward.

One of the next steps is a Strategic Conference in 2016 with stakeholders. After that we will propose a programme. This will include export coaching for companies in Myanmar and possibly also training for business support organisations.

Myanmar’s food ingredients exporters face various challenges. For example, their quality standards are lower than those in Europe and they are not familiar with international standards. Also, the hardware they use is outdated. CBI and its partners see a lot of potential for changing this. A positive factor is that the government and the sector are very eager to change.

Project participants and products

We hope to be selecting participating companies in 2016 and 2017. The focus will be on oilseeds and pulses.

Meet the participants

You can contact CBI to find out more about this programme.


Our main partners in this programme are:

We have not yet connected with partners in Myanmar for this programme. This will take place later.

Get involved as an importer

Are you a European importer interested in oilseeds and pulses from Myanmar? You can contact CBI to get more information, or to meet with suppliers who are to be trained to export to Europe.

Get involved in this project