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Fishery Products Vietnam

  • Duration:
    2012 to 2017
  • Fish and Seafood
  • Salt water fish, Sweet water fish
  • Vietnam

Closed for applications**Business Support Organisations and importers can still participate

This programme was started with the goal of helping Vietnam’s many pangasius farmers and exporters to do better business on the European market. Vietnam´s pangasius exports began to grow quickly in the early 2000s. Then the reputation of pangasius went down; consumers began to see it as a tasteless, low-cost product. In this programme we aim at repositioning pangasius as a safe, sustainable, good quality fish product.

About 8 million Vietnamese people earn a living in the seafood sector. Many of them work on pangasius farms. The image crisis of pangasius has pushed down margins and reduced exports. We want to help the Vietnamese fishery sector solve this problem. This will create more jobs and better incomes.

Project details

This programme began in 2012 and will end in 2017. Companies were trained on improving business practices and how to comply with EU market requirements. For example, we have stressed the importance of (premium) product development. Quality and sustainability certification are also important. Nowadays the pangasius exported to the Netherlands retail market from Vietnam is all ASC certified. This makes it a lot more attractive to European buyers.

Much of our effort in this programme has gone into giving pangasius a better image on the European market. Together with Vietnam’s Association of Seafood Processors and Exporters (VASEP), we began to brand and market pangasius as a versatile ‘everyday fish’.

With VASEP we also built a special website, The website gives information, news and tasty recipes. It shows visitors that pangasius is delicious, combines easily with many other ingredients and is a healthy choice.

In the same way, we promoted Vietnamese pangasius at Seafood Expo Global (SEG) in Belgium in 2015. SEG is a leading international trade fair. All of the exporters in our pavilion were ASC-certified (Aquaculture Stewardship Council). ASC is the world’s leading certifier of responsibly farmed seafood. At SEG we also held cooking demonstrations to highlight the qualities of pangasius.


Our main partner in this programme is Vietnam’s Association of Seafood Processors and Exporters (VASEP).

VASEP is a very professional fishery sector association. It does not just work with pangasius exporters, but also with companies exporting other fishery products.

We have helped this business support organisation build a better website and get more knowledge of the European fish market. We have also helped VASEP to train export companies.

Get involved as an importer

Are you a European importer interested in Vietnamese pangasius or other fishery products? You can contact CBI to get more information, or contact our counterpart VASEP to get into contact with competent suppliers for the European market.

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