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Chia and Quinoa Bolivia

  • Duration:
    2015 to 2017
  • Grains and Pulses
  • Chia, Quinoa
  • Bolivia

Closed for applications

There is a huge demand for chia and quinoa in Europe and expectations are that demand will continue to grow. Within the Made in Bolivia programme (2013-2017) two two-year projects focus on chia and quinoa. The goal is to give exports of these products from Bolivia to Europe an extra push. The Made in Bolivia programme also covers Bolivia’s wine sector.

Project details

Both the quinoa and the chia projects began in 2015 and will end in 2017.


In an earlier export coaching project we guided several Bolivian exporters to the European market. Now we are focusing on developing the quinoa sector as a whole.

To meet the growing international demand for quinoa and secure the Bolivian market position, the Bolivian quinoa sector faces the challenges of stepping up sustainable production and keeping their niche by distinguishing themselves as suppliers of authentic, ethically produced quinoa.

A lot of effort has been made to deal with production challenges. Far less has been done to deal with the second challenge. Bolivian stakeholders have therefore asked CBI to support the positioning/branding trajectory of Bolivian Royal Organic Quinoa. After broad consultations, CBI started a multi-stakeholder trajectory in September 2015.

The three main steps of the project are:

  1. A creative process with stakeholders, aimed at better export marketing and branding for the quinoa sector.

  2. The establishment of an institute responsible for managing the Bolivian Royal Organic Quinoa brand.

  3. Improving quality, traceability and certification of Bolivian Royal Organic Quinoa.


In the chia sector, we are coaching a group of companies who are considered frontrunners in chia exports. By supporting these frontrunners, we want to give the whole chia supply chain a boost.

Chia exports were very high in 2013. Then prices went down and the sector struggled. Now new opportunities have arisen, as European demand for chia is growing and the regulatory framework for exporting Novel Foods to the European Union is opening up.

CBI is coaching 8 Bolivian chia companies. We help them expand their business on the European market in a sustainable and future-proof manner.

To improve the export environment for the sector as a whole, CBI supports the development and professionalisation of the sector-wide collaboration Agroexportadores de Chía. We are helping the sector to improve quality, traceability and CSR practices. Was are also helping the sector to strengthen their collective marketing and promotion.

Another important goal of the project is to stimulate the direct involvement of European buyers and distributors in the country. We hope to strengthen the sustainable cooperation throughout the international chia supply chain.

Project participants and products

A total of 8 chia producers are involved in this project.

In the quinoa sector we are currently only working on an export enabling environment project, focusing sector associations and the government rather than exporters.

Meet the participants

  • You can contact CBI to find out more, or to get in touch with these exporters.
  • Another possibility is to meet these potential suppliers at the trade fairs they will attend in Europe. Contact CBI for details.


Our partners in the quinoa and chia sector programme are: