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corona virus


The outbreak of COVID-19 has had major consequences for the whole world.

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New technical requirements for the CBI website and forms

Government websites are secure. This means people with malicious intent cannot intercept and...

Fruit Logistica

Promising business opportunities at Fruit Logistica

CBI presented 32 carefully selected quality suppliers from 7 countries at...

siwa creations embroidery

Matchmaking empowers women and their community in Egypt

The majority of CBI programs are about creating opportunities and new...

Do not underestimate the importance of data security, data protection and privacy!

As the number of available data increases, the issues of data security, data...

corona virus

Questions about the coronavirus in the Netherlands?

The Dutch National Institute for Public Health and the Environment gives updates on the...

social dining

Demand for dinnerware driven by “Social Dining” and “MasterChef”

The concepts of “Social Dining” and “MasterChef” are increasing the...

Numerous opportunities in adventure tourism for SME tour operators

Adventure tourism is one of the biggest and fastest-growing niche tourism...

Egyptian metal company boosts export and employee satisfaction

Egyptian metal company boosts export and employee satisfaction

Established in 1975, the Egyptian Tawakol Metal Industries produces high-...

European demand for specialty cocoa is growing

European demand for specialty cocoa is growing steadily.

opportunities for Guatemalan fresh fruit company

CBI creates opportunities for fresh fruit company

Tres Marias Green Export S.A.