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A new generation of natural cosmetic ingredients emerges

Investment into natural ingredients to replace synthetic chemicals in cosmetics and personal care...

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Conxemar 2019 exhibition

Market Orientation mission enables Central American fish and seafood companies to get acquainted with the European market

From 30th of September till 4th of October, CBI welcomed 14 fish and seafood companies and 5...

European apparel brands increasingly shifting production out of China

European buyers are now joining US apparel companies in searching for sources that are cheaper and...

Myanmar Wazo travels

Digital lifeline for post-conflict Myanmar, with a little help from CBI

Bringing stability and opportunity to regions that have a recent history of conflict is a...


The importance of pulses and grains in plant-based food

According to FoodNavigator, multinationals Nestlé, Tesco and Unilever are the best prepared...


The changing face of Europe's private label chocolate market

For many years, supermarket chocolate brands were unappealing to European consumers. These...


Europe continues to import more fresh fruit and vegetables from developing countries

Margins suffered in 2018 due to excessive supply, but the market is recovering in 2019 How will...

Toerist met uitzicht

Generation Y is the main target group in tourism

During the first half of 2019, CBI commissioned the research companies Molgo and EFTI to interview...


Demand for high quality and sustainability is shaping the European spices and herbs market

European demand for spices and herbs is increasing, according to the latest CBI Trends study on...

PUM logo

A strong fit: PUM and CBI

PUM and CBI renewed their Statement of Cooperation. Both parties assist SME’s in developing...

vissen op ijs

European Importers and EU Authorities Increase Focus on the Mislabelling of Added Water in Seafood

The practice of adding water to seafood products is nothing new and some water needs to be added to...