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Exporting cashew nuts from West Africa to Europe

In cooperation with several Business Support Organizations we’ve studies the potential of West African countries as suppliers of fresh fruit, processed fruit and edible nuts to Europe. Here you’ll find our market studies focusing on cashew nuts. As a West African cashew nut exporters you can use these studies to develop your strategy to enter the European market.

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Through what channels can I get cashew nuts from West Africa on the European market?

Takes 9 minutes to read

The most common access route of West African cashews to the European market is through processors in Vietnam and India. Only around 10% of the...

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What are the product characteristics for cashew nuts on the market in Europe?

Takes 8 minutes to read

Cashew nut kernels are produced by shelling raw cashew nuts (RCN), which grow at the end of cashew apples. Cashew nut kernels are primarily judged on...

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What client services should I offer European importers of cashew nuts?

Takes 7 minutes to read

In principle, expectations of European buyers of cashew nuts revolve around: food safety; good and constant quality and reliable delivery (in terms...

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What competition will I have to deal with on the European cashew nuts market?

Takes 12 minutes to read

The European market for cashew nut kernels relies heavily on supplies from Vietnam and India. The cashew processing industries in these countries are...

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How can I get cashew nut from West Africa on the European market?

Takes 15 minutes to read

This module provides exporters of cashew nut kernels in West Africa with insights into the ways and means to position, promote and sell their...

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What terms for delivery and payment do European importers of cashew nuts have?

Takes 6 minutes to read

The market for cashew nut kernels revolves around contracts which formalise the agreements between a supplier and a buyer, covering aspects such as...

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What European markets offer opportunities for exporters of West African cashew nuts?

Takes 17 minutes to read

Following a decrease in European imports of cashew nut kernels in 2011, the market recovered in 2013. Europe offers various opportunities for West-...

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What are the European buyer requirements for cashew nuts from West Africa?

Takes 12 minutes to read

Buyer requirements are all the requirements you can expect from your potential European buyer(s). They can be divided into two groups: legislative...

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