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Market research for European importers

For European importers there are many interesting business opportunities in developing countries. As an importer you can use the market research on this page to explore these opportunities.

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We've studied the potential of seven developing countries as suppliers of garments / apparel. Importers can use these studies to find out about e.g. lead time, wages, technological development, selling points, trade agents and associations.


Myanmar has large potential as a seafood exporter. For more information, see our market study:

Vegetable Oils and Oilseeds

Myanmar is a significant producer of oilseed specialities, while exports are insignificant. The Netherlands Enterprise Agency (RVO) published a study about business opportunities for this sector. The study is relevant for European importers as well.


In cooperation with several sector associations we've studied opportunities for outsourcing metalworking to two developing countries.


Bolivia offers interesting opportunities for European wine importers. See our market study: