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Through what channels can I get fresh pineapples from West Africa on the European market?

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Pineapple exports are controlled by large-scale plantations owned by the agro-multinationals (Del Monte, Dole, Chiquita, Fyffes, Banacol, Compagnie Fruitière) with organised value chains. Large EU retailers take up around 75% of total pineapple sales. They want constant availability of pineapples and to compete with the other retailers/players. Almost all pineapples are transported by sea and enter Europe mainly via Belgium and the Netherlands. Supply is geared to minimize lead times from smallholder to consumer. As a West African exporter, it would be better to focus on (exotic fruit) importers or wholesalers. To stay competitive - they need to specialise, focus on niche-markets and come up with something new.

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