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Exporting fashion footwear to Europe

Takes about 15 minutes to read

The fashion footwear segment is very interesting if you are capable, as a developing country exporer, of identifying interesting new (high-)fashion trends and converting them into saleable footwear products for mid-market and lower-end buyers. It is important to realise that this market often involves very specific requirements. regarding materials, colours or design details, for instance. Also bear in mind that while hot trends can lead to sudden volume peaks, they can also disappear very quickly, increasing the risk in this business. Here are some pointers toward success in this market: (1) Look out constantly for emerging fashion trends and respond to them quickly and with maximum flexibility in terms of volumes, materials et cetera; (2) Develop your own creativity and design skills to introduce new trends and to inspire buyers with fresh, distinctive products and techniques; (3) Invest seriously and consistently in research and development in order to gain credit with buyers; (4) While Germany offers the largest and most stable market for all footwear, other European countries, such as France, Spain or Italy offer exciting opportunities if you are willing to explore and take more risk.