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Exporting electronic components for smart meters to Germany

Takes about 22 minutes to read

The growing number of smart grid projects in Germany and in Europe, drive the importance of smart meters. These meters are not only used for consumption recording, but also as a two-way communication tool and as a controlling unit for energy supply and demand within smart grids. Germany has been able to build up its know-how through numerous smart grid and efficient energy development projects. While the demand for smart meters is expected to grow considerably in countries such as UK, Spain and Portugal, Germany is lagging behind in the outlook due to the lack of a clear legislative framework. Germany is a strategically important market for electronic component suppliers both because of its strong in-country production infrastructure and because it is an important trade-hub in Europe. Suppliers of electronic components and suppliers of smart meters as finished products are recommended to start actively sharing their experiences in relation to smart metering through co-projects or open innovation.