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Promising European markets for carnation

There are opportunities for exporters of carnations in Europe. The Netherlands remains an important trade hub for this product. But carnations are increasingly exported directly to the United Kingdom as well. Here you'll find information that can help you access these markets.

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Exporting carnations to the Netherlands

Takes 25 minutes to read

About €62 million of carnations were imported in the Netherlands in 2015, while exports valued €87 million. Most imported carnations are re-exported...

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Exporting carnations to the United Kingdom

Takes 23 minutes to read

Imports of carnations (Dianthus) in the United Kingdom are €59 million in 2015. The United Kingdom is an important market for carnations from...

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Exporting carnations to Europe

Takes 21 minutes to read

European Union (EU-28) imports of carnations (Dianthus) were worth €211 million in 2015. The import value of carnations has been stable or growing...

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Exporting carnations to Poland

Takes 17 minutes to read

Poland is one of the larger EU countries, with 38 million inhabitants. It is one of the faster growing economies in the European market and generally...

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