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Background information

CBI is known as a reliable organisation for market research about the European Market. But how do we conduct our research, what sources do we use and why is it important to do research?

How does CBI conduct research?

CBI is a non-profit based govermental organisation. Our goal is to connect small and medium sized enterprises in developing countries with the European market. We would like to teach you the possibilites of export to Europe. Therefore, our market information is freely accesible for everyone via our website.

The Market Intelligence team of CBI work with independent professionals with extensive knowlegde of the sectors we work in. Per sector a team is formed of market researchers, sector experts with many years of experience and a CBI MI Programme Manager. Together they produce the CBI market research specifically focussed on the export from developing countries to Europe.

The studies are established through desk research, analysing statistics/reports, interviews and company visits in about 4 months. Next to desk research, we also include cultural apects like 'How to do business in Europe' .

In addition, the wishes and needs of the European market are assessed. For this purpose, Focus Groups are organised per sector. Relevant European organisations like importers, distributors and sector associations are carefully selected to participate. During the focus groups many relevant topics like trends and requirements on the European market are discussed. The outcomes are incorporated in the studies.

Why is it important to do research?

You can only use your resources and time once. Even though your company runs well, you need to know the market. Moreover, making a good first impression on importers is important. Knowing what trends or buyer requirements there are on the market, are evident for making a good impression. We therefore advise companies to make an export marketing plan.

CBI does not supply lists of buyers or contacts. The market studies contain answers to most of your questions on how to export your product to Europe. It is more important to know all trends, channels and requirements before you contact buyers in order to make a good first impression.