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Participate in an export coaching project

Why should I participate?

Are you a European entrepreneur looking for good, reliable suppliers in developing countries? Are you worried that finding the right ones may cost you too much time and money? Contact CBI today to solve that problem. We are specialised in supporting small to medium-sized enterprises.

  • We work with suppliers from many developing countries and in many different industries;
  • We select these small to medium-sized enterprises ourselves for export coaching programmes;
  • We train and coach them for several years to become a trusted exporter to Europe.

With CBI, you can quickly find the kind of supplier you need to take your business forward. We have done the difficult work for you: finding and preparing high-potential suppliers in developing countries. We are a leading centre of expertise with over 40 years of experience. Now it is up to you to join us.

Connect quickly with one of our projects and get access to the best suppliers.

Influence these companies so they will develop in line with your own needs (think of product development, packaging, certification and so on).

How can I participate?

You can connect with our pre-selected exporters right away. The way to do this is to play a role in one of our export coaching programmes. Each programme is different, but here are some options:

  • Let us know which sector and products you are interested in;
  • participate in a relevant programme as a selected importing partner;
  • Sign up for a programme update every 3 months;
  • Help us select and audit potential suppliers;
  • Join our training activities by giving a lecture or workshop;
  • Join a CBI expert in coaching selected companies on their path to export;
  • Get involved in the certification process;
  • Take part in B2B events, including buyers missions to high-potential countries;
  • Share ideas with us on our export coaching programmes.

How can I apply?

Are you interested in our offer? Get in touch with us today.