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Fruit Logistica 2017

Fruit Logistica 2017

Find your new fresh produce supplier from Africa at the Fruit Logistica 2017, the leading international exhibition for the fresh produce trade.

At Fruit Logistica 2017 CBI will present 15 African companies ready for the European market. These companies have invested heavily to prepare for successful partnerships in Europe and undergone the rigorous Export Coaching Programme and are now ready to enter the European market. CBI is proud to assist these companies for European matchmaking in their designated pavilions. At our pavilions in Berlin you will find a wide variety of fresh produce producers from mango, pineapple, yams, papaya and much more!

Sustainable trading partners

Not only have these companies completed CBI programmes to equip them with the necessary knowledge and know how to export to Europe, but they also receive guidance to pay attention to corporate social responsibility, ethical trading and sustainable production.

Exotic and Healthy

European requirements are very high in today’s market. Consumers want reassurance that the products they buy are healthy, meet all the international food safety and hygiene protocols and are fresh and delicious. During Fruit Logistica the 15 African companies are all capable of satisfying the demanding requirements of the present consumer. Learn about the healthy, exotic, fresh and reliable range of produce these companies have to offer.

Discover the variety of exotic and healthy options of fruits and vegetables these companies have to offer and learn about their level of professionalism during Fruit Logistica 2017!

Visit us

Please come and meet us to find out more about opportunities for your company:

  • Pavillion Africa (Benin, Burkina Faso, Mali)   3.2 - C18
  • Pavillion Senegal  7.2b
  • Pavillion Ghana  7.2b