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Tender for Sector Experts that will provide export coaching and training to SMEs in Central America

Assignment type: 

Invitation to tender in accordance with the European public procedure for the services of Export Coaching & and Supporting Export Development and Promotion processes in Central America.

Reason for this invitation to tender
In the framework of the Central American Regional Economic Integration (INTEC) project - a project financed by the European Commission (EC) which aims to strengthen the economic integration in Central America (CA) and maximize the benefits of the implementation of the Association Agreement between the European Union and Central America (the EU/CA AA) by reducing regional constraints to competitiveness and diversification in CA - , CBI will support approximately 60 Small and Medium sized Enterprises (SMEs) and cooperatives from Central America, between 2018 and 2022, in becoming (more) competitive on the European market. CBI was commissioned for this action  by the Netherlands Ministry of Foreign Affairs (NLMFA), backed by a Delegation Agreement between the latter and the EC, and CBI support is financed by the EC and the NLMFA.

The current Tender Document is written for Sector Experts that will provide export coaching and training to SMEs, and support, through expert advice, export development and promotion processes at sector level in Central America. The invitation to tender has been divided into lots per sector

Time frame

The schedule below applies to this tendering process.

05 October 2018
Issuing of publication, start of tendering period.
19 October 2018
Closure of round of questions: deadline for the Tenderer to submit questions regarding this Tendering Document and the Contract (including the general terms and conditions) and/or proposals for textual amendments to the draft Contract (including the general terms and conditions).
02 November 2018
Issuing of Memorandum of Information
14 November 2018 13:00 Hrs CET
Deadline for the receipt of Tenders and opening of new Tenders by the Contracting Authority.
14 November – 19 November 2018
Assessment of Tenders.
23 November 2018
Interview by Tenderer (Skype call)
07 December 2018
Announcement of the award of the Contract.
28 December 2018
Deadline for asking questions and/or filing an application for injunctive relief in relation to the announcement of the award of the Contract.
21 December 2018
Deadline for the successful Tenderer to provide the evidence requested by the Contracting Authority.
31 December 2018
Start date of Contract.

If – in the opinion of the Contracting Authority – circumstances provide cause to do so, the Contracting Authority is entitled to amend the specified period(s). In such a case, timely notification of the new period(s) will be provided digitally.

Download the tender documentation


Interested candidates please send your CV to:

Programme manager

Daphne ter Braak
+31 (0)88 04 24329