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Monday, December 21, 2020

Assignment type

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Are you an IT Expert with experience of the Market System Development (MSD) approach and experience in Egypt? Then we are looking for you! For our new IT Outsourcing export project, we are looking for 4 experts, both local and international. The overall project purpose is to contribute to a sustainable and inclusive ITO sector in Egypt and contribute to decent growth.

Requirements of the consultants per lot:

The current Tender Document is written for four different types of Consultants (four lots).

  1. Market System Development consultancy
  2. Local consultant for Institutional Development and MSD support
  3. International IT Outsourcing consultant
  4. Local Business Export Coach

We expect all tendered to comply with the following general requirements:

  • The expert must be able to act fully independent and without any conflict of interest as a representative of CBI in the ITO sector in Egypt. This entails, among others, that the expert should not be directly or indirectly contracted or employed by (or own) selling parties in Egypt or importing companies that trade in services covered by this tender from developing countries covered by this tender;
  • Demonstrable good communication skills in the English Language, both spoken & written;
  • Proven well-developed intercultural sensitivity skills;
  • Strongly developed political awareness and sensitivity;
  • Team player who can cooperate in diverse team structures (information sharing, conflict solving);
  • Reporting skills to communicate on mission results and project progress;
  • Experience in coaching and facilitating by using distant guidance techniques like e-mail, online meetings using tools like skype and moderating webinars;
  • Demonstrable coaching and training skills.

The execution of the assignment must be done by one single expert per lot. Multiple contact persons are not allowed. The reason for this is that one contact point is needed for the companies and for the contact with CBI. The personal approach towards the stakeholders is important in order to optimally fulfil the expert role.

Besides these general requirements, also specific requirements related to professional experience and knowledge are specified per lot:

  1. Lot 1: A Market System Development consultant. The project is designed and will be implemented on basis of the Market System Development (MSD) approach (see www.beamexchange.org). The Market System development consultant will create and guide Egyptian coalitions to work on systemic change, guide and monitor the implementation of the project according to MSD guidelines. A special focus will be on business development services research and development throughout the programme period. 
  • Extensive proven knowledge of the Market Systems Development (MSD) approach, its principles, its application in various sectors and contexts, best practices, lessons learnt, its applicability and limitations in various environments;
  • At least three (3) years of experience in carrying out projects using the Market Systems Development (MSD) approach;
  • Proven Experience with organising roundtables regarding underlying rootcases and building and guiding coalitions to make systemic changes;
  • Extensive proven experience with jointly developing business cases for sustainable service delivery models in developing countries in cooperation with potential local clients and service providers;
  • At least two (2) years experience in working towards gender and youth inclusion in sectors in developing countries.
  1. Lot 2: Local consultant for Institutional Development and MSD support: a local MSD expert that  assists in the further identification of root causes to obstacles in the sector, who will identify support needs for exporters in the value chain, will identify possible service providers that could address those needs and coach those providers in close cooperation with the above mentioned two consultants. The consultant will work with the programme’s stakeholders (business support organisations) in developing coalitions to tackle relevant root causes.
  • Demonstrable good communication skills in the Arabic language and English language, both spoken and written;
  • Experience in the MSD approach or recent relevant training certificates of recognized international training institute regarding the MSD approach (ILO, Springfield Center, MESO partners, DevLearn or similar);
  • Experience in bringing together coalitions of different actors in a sector in Egypt (Government, Universities, Donors, Companies, Business support organisation);
  • Excellent active network in the Egyptian ITO sector which can be used for the implementation of the project;
  • Experience with gender and/or youth inclusion in Egyptian export sectors;
  • Profound experience to work in the local context of the Egypt ITO sector and excellent ability to arrange and facilitate business related issues in the local context;
  • Experience in setting up business development services for exporters in Egypt;
  • Proven experience with logistic arrangements for donor organisations.
  1. Lot 3: An International IT outsourcing consultant that will assist Egyptian IT SMEs to develop an action plan for entering the EU market, provide them with trade linkages to buyers in Europe and establish a mentor programme between Egyptian and European business owners. As an IT outsourcing expert the consultant will support local service providers to develop the business support services that the Egyptian SMEs need in order to export to the EU market. 
  • At least five (5) years of experience in the EU ITO market in a commercial/ technical or consultancy role during the last ten (10) years;
  • Experience with B2B and B2C marketing and promotion of ITO services in the EU marketfor at least three (3) years during the last five (5) years;
  • At least one (1) years of experience within the last three (3) years in consulting to IT outsourcing companies in developing countries including topics of marketing, company management, promotion, sales, pricing, product development, communication and sustainability;
  • Experience in setting up and implementing a mentoring programme in the IT sector;
  • At least 50 hours of experience with conducting trainings of trainers and workshops in developing countries in the English language regarding export related topics;
  • Proven knowledge of the latest trends and developments, distribution channels, and market players in the EU ITO markets with a focus on demand of EU-based SMEs;
  • Proven knowledge of Corporate Social Responsibility issues in the ITO sector;
  • Knowledge about business development, business models, (structure and effectiveness) and required management skills for ITO companies;
  • Up to date and active network of EU buyers and agents in at least two of the EU ITO buying markets;
  • Experience with moderating, facilitating and conducting trainings and workshops in the English language regarding export development on location and virtually (at least 120 hours of experience during the last five years).
  1. Local Business export coach that will coach SMEs to implement their action plans and to broker linkages between business development service providers and SMEs.
  • Demonstrable good communication skills in the Arabic language and English language, both spoken and written;
  • At least three (3) years of experience in coaching Egyptian companies towards export in the past five (5) years;
  • Up to date and active network of IT companies in Egypt;
  • Experience in gender and youth related activities within Egyptian Companies;
  • Individual coaching/training/advisory experience of IT companies in the field of market prospects, production process (incl. environmental, social, quality and safety standards), products, pricing, sales promotion, logistics, communication, export knowledge, market knowledge, R&D capacity, company management, finance), (at least three years of experience in the last five years);
  • Excellent experience to work in the local context of the Egypt and excellent ability to arrange and facilitate business related issues in the local context;
  • Proven experience with logistic arrangement for donor organisations in Egypt (at least one years of experience in the last five years);
  • Experience with moderating meetings.

Project description:

The project design is based on this desired situation for the ITO sector, being a dynamic and growing sector. However, aiming for inclusive, sustainable and decent growth, including SMEs and start-ups, some steps need to be taken. Therefore, the project is designed based on five pathways (not in order of importance):

1.         A balanced stable workforce available for SMEs in the IT sector
2.         Strong internal capacity of SMES to access the EU market
3.         Strong business linkages EU markets and Egyptian ITO SMEs
4.         Supporting services support ITO SMEs in their export
5.         Stakeholders contribute to a conducive environment for the export of IT service

The five pillars above are the five long-term outcomes of the project.

Project targets include for instance:

  • 625 decent jobs supported
  • 125 decent jobs new created
  • 20% export growth of SMEs in the ITO sector in Egypt
  • New or improved services offered by BSOs

The project aims to address the root causes of the constraints in the sector, and thus looks at why market systems aren’t working and why the sector (or more specifically the market itself) is not providing the solutions yet or not yet effectively.

These are not the deliverables for the assignment, but overall project targets. Requirements related to this specific tender, the Implementation phase of this project, are mentioned in the tenderdocument.

CBI is continuously developing its methodologies regarding project development and implementation and will focus more and more on bringing about systemic changes in sectors in order to set in motion a transformation towards more sustainable and inclusive sectors. In this respect the Market System Development (MSD)-approach was chosen as an interesting approach for future CBI project development and implementation. The project at hand in this respect is one of the pilots project to test the opportunities, possible benefits and possible limitations of the MSD approach for future CBI project development and implementation.

Besides this “learning” objective, the project seeks to achieve tangible results. Above all to support the development of sustainable business & marketing service delivery models that address the needs of Egyptian ITO businesses that seek to export and which are actually used by these businesses during and after the project’s ending.

The MSD approach seeks to address the root causes of why markets fail in order to make systemic changes that support lasting inclusive growth. The MSD approach is used by various international cooperation organizations as the guiding principle of their project development and implementation processes, be it mainly in agricultural sectors. The key objective of the approach is to anchor the project’s interventions in the sector, to support the development of financially sustainable service delivery models by actors in the market system. This project will also serve as a one of the learning pilots for CBI regarding use of this methodology. During project implementation constant monitoring and evaluation will take place by CBI. To facilitate this indicators on process level will be developed during the implementation phase. For detailed information on MSD, including best practices please see www.beamexchange.org.

For this project using the MSD-methodology will mean that the project will play (as much as possible) a facilitator role instead of an implementer (direct delivery) role. To facilitate market actors  and local institutions to find and develop solutions and services that address a particular constraint/opportunity instead of the services being provided by CBI (or other donor organizations). In practice, it is expected that for some issues it will be easier to have a high degree of facilitator role from the start than for others. This will be especially the case for services of which users see a more direct Return on Investment as for instance the organization of a market access service (participation in specialized tourism fairs, roadshows, hosting buyers missions).

Download the tender documentation

You can download the tender documentation via the Documentation page on TenderNed. First, download the Tender document and read it carefully.

How to apply


  • Any questions about the tendering process and content of the tender can be sent to CBI via TenderNed. Please note, all questions collected during the questions period will be answered and published in an anonymous form via TenderNed.  
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