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European Tender for Institutional consultant for Home Decorations and Natural Ingredients Indonesia and Business Export Coach for Home Decoration Indonesia. CLOSED

Tuesday, July 9, 2019
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We invite professionals to participate in our tender for CBI Business Advisory services.

The aim of the programme is to increase the competitiveness of producers and exporters in selected sectors within priority developing countries. For Indonesia the Home Decorations (HD) and Natural Ingredients sector is supported.

Most CBI integrated projects aim to achieve sustainable exports to the European market, competent SME exporters, CSR compliance, and an export enabling environment for SMEs in developing countries. Each CBI project also aims to achieve project specific results, depending on the needs in the value chain.

The ambition of the Natural Ingredients project is to support the Indonesian natural ingredients industry in adding more value to its production and raw materials and change the perception of Indonesia being a supplier of low quality natural ingredients to a supplier with a diversified and high quality offer of natural ingredients. The industry is empowered to  develop new products, meet EU buyer requirements and has demonstrated significant improvement in corporate social responsibility practices of the industry at large.

The overall objective of the Home Decorations sector is to develop a high value Indonesian HD sector in which the relevant stakeholders are capable of supporting further export development of the chain. The project overall objective and intervention strategies are aimed at alleviating the perceived so the opportunities can be grasped by the sector. It is the assumption that by focusing on alleviating these obstacles this project will contribute to additional export growth and growth in employment.

About 20 small and medium sized exporters (SMEs) are connected to the European market with an additional export value of € 4 mln of high end home decorations products at the end of the project. Through local Business Export Coaching services another 35 SMEs are connected to the European market with an additional export value of 5.25 mln at the end of the project.

For this European tender we are looking for 1. An institutional consultant for Home Decorations and Natural Ingredients project and 2. A Business Export coach for the Home Decorations project.

LOT 1. Institutional consultant
The institutional consultant identifies and implements organisational changes and improvements on different levels of the enabling environment, with the aim of improving the export value chain to Europe and becoming an equal partner for buyers in the EU market.

As two of the main government bodies involved in the Home Decorations and Natural Ingredients projects are similar, the institutional consultant will work on the development and improvement of the enabling environment in the Home Decorations (HD) and Natural Ingredients (NI) value chain, with attention to business supporting export services of the BSOs and sector branding/sector export marketing planning for the EU market.

The Tendering authority has estimated a total contract value of EUR 450.000,- (exclusive of VAT).

LOT 2. Business export coaching consultant
The Consultant

  1. Supports in business development by opening up his European network to the local companies and connecting them with European importers and other relevant partners;
  2. Advises on improving the critical export success factors, such as marketing, product development, supply chain management, pricing, sales promotion, logistics, communication, market knowledge, applying market analysis, sustainability, company management, finance etc.;
  3. Conducts follow-up coaching to the participating companies that have received training from other specialised CBI consultants on issues like market research, EMP, sustainability, blockchain;
  4. Advises on implementing innovative processes and adding innovative content to the CBI program;
  5. Advises CBI and project partners on the readiness of the companies for market entry;
  6. Assists the companies selected for participation in an international trade fair or road show and advises CBI, CBI project partners and participants in their preparations for these events;
  7. Coaches the companies to find and establish business linkages with European buyers;
  8. Promotes the project among European buyers and involves them in the project, shares contacts of European buyers and other relevant contacts with CBI and project partners.

The Tendering authority has estimated a total contract value of EUR 200.000,- (exclusive of VAT).

Each lot is tendered for a time period of 2 years with a possible extension of 2 times 1 year.

Download the tender documentation

How to apply

  • Submitting a tender and obtaining the necessary documents is done fully online and can only be done via the Dutch government’s online tendering system TenderNed (
  • To submit your tender you have to register your company at TenderNed first.
  • For companies located outside of the Netherlands we recommend the manual TenderNed: Six steps to bidding for public procurement contracts.
  • The Tender can be submitted in Dutch or English.
  • To facilitate your application we have created an easy to use checklist, which will help you during the submission of your tender. You’ll find it in chapter 7 of the Tenderdocument.
  • The following links take you directly to the tender publication: TenderNed.
  • We advise you to start the TenderNed registration process immediately rather than delaying it until the tendering period is coming to a close.


  • Any questions about the tendering process and content of the tender can be sent to CBI via TenderNed until 13 June. Please note all questions collected during the questions period will be answered and published in anonymous form via TenderNed.  
  • If you have any functional or technical questions regarding TenderNed, you can contact the TenderNed service desk on weekdays between 08:30 and 18:00 on 0800-8363376 or via
  • For more information about our projects please visit this page