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European Tender for Institutional consultant and a business export coach for the Cashew sector in Côte d’Ivoire and Benin

Saturday, November 2, 2019
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CBI is looking for consultants that will provide business export coaching to SMEs and for consultants that will provide institutional support in the enabling environment, through expert advice, export development and promotion processes in the cashew sector in Côte d’Ivoire and Benin.

The Tender Document contains information regarding the invitation to tender in accordance with the European open procedure for the CBI programme on Cashew in Côte d’Ivoire and Benin, specifically two lots: a lot for business export coaching of local SMEs in Côte d’Ivoire and Benin and a lot on the institutional level that includes coaching of business support organisations in both countries.

About the project
The overall objective of this specific project is increase the export of cashew kernels from Côte d’Ivoire and Benin directly to Europe. About 10 small and medium sized processors are connected to the European market with an additional export value of € 2 million of cashew kernels at the end of the project. Also, the sector has made progress in sustainability, gender equality and decent jobs. The focus of the broader project will be on removing the following main export obstacles so that more EU export value can be created:

•    Competitiveness gap in terms of costs
•    Low level of know-how and technical skills in processing and equipment
•    Poor linkages and access to EU markets
•    Lack of knowledge on international markets
•    Access to finance
•    Health and safety and employment conditions (wages)

This will be done through the following interventions:
•    Business development skills training
•    Facilitate linkages with technology providers
•    Set up of public private platform on competitiveness of processing; elaboration of action plan to improve identified competitiveness factors and increase local processing
•    Train processors on market requirements / EU buyers requirements
•    Create link with EU buyers
•    Market entry activities like matchmaking and trade fair attendance.
•    Conduct tailored market intelligence study
•    Stakeholder meeting on access to finance
•    To conduct a study into health and safety aspects of employment conditions in the value chain with focus on processing factories and formulate interventions together with local and international stakeholders

Role of the consultant
Lot 1: Institutional consultant Cashew Côte d’Ivoire and Benin

The consultant identifies and implements organisational changes and improvements on different levels of the enabling environment, with the aim of improving the export value chain to Europe and becoming an equal partner for buyers in the EU market.
The consultant will work on the development and improvement of the enabling environment in the cashew value chain, with attention to business supporting export services of the BSOs and sector branding/sector export marketing planning for the EU market. The main focus will be on the competitiveness of the cashew sector.
The consultant carries out his or her work under the direct responsibility of the respective CBI Project Managers in The Hague, who are in charge of the overall management, monitoring, budget and results of the project.
Many of the competitiveness factors that processors face are not in their direct control and they need an effective public private partnership to improve these factors which directly affect their business operations. The assumption is that processors are willing to play an active role in a platform about competitiveness as it will benefit their operations. There is willingness and ambition amongst the key stakeholders to increase the competitiveness of the processors in order to reach a higher output of exported cashew kernels. The CBI project intends to build on this, by enhancing the public private dialogue and partnership, by bringing in more knowledge about the EU market requirements and opportunities in this partnership and assisting BSO’s to work together with processors to achieve a higher competitiveness.

Lot 2 business export coach Cashew Côte d’Ivoire and Benin
Preparing for the Implementation of these projects, several (on paper) pre-selected companies will get an ‘export audit’ and a financial audit by CBI. Based on the recommendations in these audits, local SMEs will be selected in the Business Export Coaching (BEC) Project.
The consultant is responsible for the SME processors participating in the Business Export Coaching (BEC) Project, and is required to coach them to become competent exporters, and to achieve the related results that have been set out in the project’s Monitoring and Evaluation Plan. This coaching will focus on the implementation of the action plan as developed in the export audit and will take place during on-site visits to each company by the consultants as well as from a distance.
The consultants carry out their work under the direct responsibility of the respective CBI Project Managers in The Hague, who are in charge of the overall management, monitoring, budget and results of the project.

Download the tender documentation

•    You can download the tender documentation via the Documentation page of TenderNed.

How to apply

•    Submitting a tender and obtaining the necessary documents is done fully online and can only be done via the Dutch government’s online tendering system TenderNed (
•    To submit your tender you have to register your company at TenderNed first.
•    For companies located outside of the Netherlands we recommend the manual TenderNed: Six steps to bidding for public procurement contracts.
•    The following links take you directly to the tender publication: TenderNed.
•    We advise you to start the TenderNed registration process immediately rather than delaying it until the tendering period is coming to a close.


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