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European Tender for CBI Market Entry Studies - Closed

Assignment type: 

We invite market research companies and professionals to participate in our tender for the CBI Market Entry Studies.

CBI’s Market Intelligence

Market Intelligence about the European market is an important service we offer our target audience of Small and Medium-sized Enterprises (SMEs) in developing countries. We connect SMEs from developing countries to the European market with the goal to stimulate sustainable economic development. Offering high quality Market Information is an essential tool in reaching this goal.  


We commission Market Intelligence in 2 tenders, which are published via a public procedure: 

  1. European Tender for CBI Market Analysis Studies
  2. European Tender for CBI Market Entry Studies
    This announcement is for CBI’s Market Entry Studies and looks into different research questions, including:
  • What requirements should products (or services) comply with to be allowed on the European market?
  • How to find European buyers?
  • How to build a successful relationship with European buyers?
  • How to get your product (or services) on the European market?

We invite market researchers to apply for one or more of the following nine lots for a time period of three to four years:





Natural Ingredients

Natural Ingredients for Health Products

Natural Ingredients for Cosmetics

Natural Food Additives


Processed Agro Food

Processed Fruit and Vegetables and Edible Nuts

Spices and Herbs

Grains, Pulses and Oilseeds


Coffee and Cocoa




Fresh Fruit and Vegetables

Fresh Fruit and Vegetables


Fish and Seafood

Fish and Seafood











Home Decoration and Home Textiles

Home Decoration and Home Textiles

Each lot, depending on the number of sectors and the number of studies commissioned, represents an approximate value between € 74,000,- and € 336,000,-.

Each lot is tendered for a time period of 3 years with a possible extension of 1 year.

Tenderers can register for a maximum of 4 lots. For more information see the “Tenderdocument Market Entry Studies CBI”, chapter 2.3 (value of the assignment) of the tender documentation.

Who can apply

We invite all European market research companies as well as self-employed professionals who:

  • have a solid basis qualitative market research methods 
  • can  transform analytical findings into opportunities, threats and tips for the target group
  • are skilled in composing compact and structured texts
  • have good knowledge of the business aspects concerning international trade from developing countries to the European market
  • are in possession of knowledge of and experience in the above mentioned sectors
    to submit their application before 23-11-2018.

Download the tender documentation

  • You can download the tender documentation via the Documentation page of TenderNed.
  • As a first step, download the document “Tenderdoc Market Entry Studies CBI” and read it carefully.

How to apply

  • Submitting a tender and obtaining the necessary documents is done fully online and can only be done via the Dutch government’s online tendering system TenderNed (
  • To submit your tender you have to register your company at TenderNed first.
  • For companies located outside of the Netherlands we recommend the manual TenderNed: Six steps to bidding for public procurement contracts.
  • The Tender can be submitted in Dutch or English.
  • To facilitate your application we have created an easy to use checklist, which will help you during the submission of your tender. You’ll find it in chapter 7 of the Tenderdocument.
  • The following links take you directly to the tender publication: TenderNed.
  • We advise you to start the TenderNed registration process immediately rather than delaying it until the tendering period is coming to a close.


  • Any questions about the tendering process and content of the tender can be sent to CBI via TenderNed until 2-11-2018. Please note all questions collected during the questions period will be answered and published in anonymous form via TenderNed, ultimately on 9-11-2018.  
  • If you have any functional or technical questions regarding TenderNed, you can contact the TenderNed service desk on weekdays between 08:30 and 18:00 on 0800-8363376 or via