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Call for Senegalese company to be community manager for online EU Fish Trade community

Friday, August 30, 2019
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The Centre for the Promotion of Imports from developing countries (CBI) is an agency of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Netherlands. As part of its mission to contribute to sustainable economic development in developing countries through the expansion of exports from these countries, it coaches companies and associations in finding sustainable export opportunities in the European Union.) For more information about CBI  see

For our Fish and Seafood project in Senegal, CBI is seeking a Senegalese company to develop an online and off-line community* on EU Fish trade that should bring together all actors in the sector including at least the CBI supported companies, but also the project partners at institutional level.This community should be available to all interested parties and ensure that also youth from the sector is involved, like sales managers from fish trade companies (including those not supported by CBI), researchers, university professors and students. The goal of the community is to share information on EU Fish trade, create trust amongst the members and to provide a greenfield for the development of new ideas to improve the value chain including access to finance, CSR initiatives etc.

The community manager will organize monthly off- and online community events, ensure information sharing and establish an online presence. The community manager will receive technical support from the CBI Institutional expert with advise on the structure, membership levels as well as legality and financial sustainability of the community. The intention is that within a certain period the community will pay for the salary of the community manager. It is therefore important that the company is willing to build a sustainable self-financing community that continues even after CBI support has ended.  

The community manager will have to build the community from the start both technological wise as well as content wise. It is expected that this is done through a low-cost technology like word-press, Facebook, an app or other community software network.  
We expect the online community manager to:
-    Build the technological platform for the online community where blogs, videoblogs, market information, events and interactive elements can take place
-    Develop content together with the community members
-    Engage at least 150 members, including university students
-    Organize short (max 2 hours, with inspiration lecture of max 20 minutes) monthly off-line events in a low-cost setting (for instance design hubs, university, company premises etc.),     (content can be determined together with member requests, visiting international CBI experts) visited by at least 20 members and also open for non-members.
-    Look into sponsorship options for events as well as the community platform

We are looking for an inspirational community manager who has affinity with the fisheries sector and technical experience in developing an online community.


The online community manager should meet the following requirements:

  • At least 2 years of relevant experience in online community development;
  • Pro-active attitude to bring people together, proven entrepreneurial attitude;
  • Proven active member of several online communities with visible contributions;
  • Ability to moderate online discussions;
  • Excellent communicative skills;
  • Sound command of both the French and English language, both spoken & written.  

Terms of Service

On project basis; contract per activity;

Contact Information

For more information, please contact Margot Lobbezoo at

Please submit your company profile, CV of the envisaged community manager with an introduction letter explaining your qualifications (as per the above requirements), and an indication of your daily fee to the above mentioned person.  

Deadline for submitting: 30 August 2019

General Information

All CBI assignments are governed by the General Government Terms and Conditions for public service contracts (ARVODI). In addition CBI uses standard annexes.

* CBI considers a community to be an online environment for a group of people with a shared passion, expertise or challenge, in this case the shared passion and challenge is the trade of Fish to the EU. It is an environment for inspiration, support and exchange of ideas. The power of a community depends on the interaction of the members through dialogue that will be encouraged through the community platform. Off-line events create a further feeling of community and facilitates dialogue even more.




Interested candidates please send your CV to:

Programme manager

Margot Lobbezoo