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Call for Consultants - Export Coaching and Training of Small Scale Tour Operators Myanmar

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CBI's tender for Export coaching and Training of Small Scale Tour Operators in Myanmar is open untill December 3rd. The project focusses on increasing employment and export in the Myanmar tourism sector. Interested?

The overall objective of the CBI project ‘Inclusive Tourism Development Project Myanmar 2018-2021’ is to promote sustained, inclusive and sustainable economic growth, full and productive employment and decent work in the tourism sector in Myanmar via an increased number of SME’s that are connected to the European market. The project focusses on increasing employment and export in the Myanmar tourism sector in the regions, by increasing the number of tourists which buy sustainable tourism and community based tourism packages, specifically from the European markets.

How to apply

  • Submitting a tender and obtaining the necessary documents is done online via the Dutch government’s online tendering system TenderNed (
  • To submit your tender you have to register your company at TenderNed first.
  • For companies located outside of the Netherlands we recommend the manual TenderNed: Six steps to bidding for public procurement contracts.
  • The Tender has to be submitted in English.
  • To facilitate your application we have created an easy to use checklist, which will help you during the submission of your tender. You’ll find it in chapter 7 of the Tenderdocument.
  • We advise you to start the TenderNed registration process immediately rather than delaying it until the tendering period is coming to a close.


  • Any questions about the tendering process and content of the tender can be sent to CBI via TenderNed until 3 December 2018. Please note all questions collected during the questions period will be answered and published in anonymous form via TenderNed.  
  • If you have any functional or technical questions regarding TenderNed, you can contact the TenderNed service desk on weekdays between 08:30 and 18:00 on 0800-8363376 or via