Central American Agro Food Export Programme


Welcome to the website of the Central American Agro Food Export Programme! 

The purpose of this startpage is to provide an overview of the Central American Agro Food Export Programme. To learn more about the sub-programmes, or to read the latest news concerning this programme, please visit the country specific pages or the news section on this website.

Programme Summary

The agriculture sector is by far the most important sector in Central America in terms of its contribution to GDP, its (European) export potential, and the high proportion of poor people among its workforce. While most Central American agricultural exports are focused on the US or the regional Central American market, a number of Central American agricultural products also show high potential on the European market. Such products include tropical fruits (avocado, mango, pineapple, banana, rambutan, berries), processed fruits and food ingredients, including coffee, cocoa, fruit juice, fruit pulps and concentrates, honey, sesame seed, peanuts, cardamom and other spices. The best chances are for products produced sustainably, for example certified organic, Fair trade, Utz or rainforest alliance, since the demand in Europe for quality products is increasing.

The Central American Agro Food Export Programme aims to take advantage of the above-mentioned opportunities and aims to increase Central American agricultural exports to Europe. The main objective of the programme will be to increase the export volume of +/-70 Central American agro-food exporters to European markets. This will be done through:

The programme should lead to 25 mln EUR worth of additional European export for some 70 participating companies from the region.

Read more about the programme strategy and see the country pages in the submenu for more specific information on country level. 

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In October CBI held three EXPRO networking activities to help Central American companies in the Coffee&Cacao, Processes Fruit/Food Products and Fresh Fruit and Vegetables sectors. Companies from Honduras, Guatemala, Nicaragua and El Salvador, expecting to enter the European market in the near future, participated in these three EXPROs.