Integrated & Goal-Oriented Export Development

22 value chain services, fused into tailored programmes for sectors and/or countries

In order to achieve its goal of measurably increasing exports from developing countries to the EU/EFTA markets, CBI deploys a comprehensive and highly flexible set of 22 differentiated services, or modules. By blending these services into customised sector- and/or country-specific export programmes that last several years each, CBI aims at augmenting the entire export value chain. Together, the modules engage all key actors in the value chain with the dual purpose of:

  • Strengthening the competitive capacity of producers and exporters; and
  • Improving the infrastructure in developing countries by supporting Business Support Organisations (BSOs) and government authorities.

A four-step integrated cycle for maximum results and accountability

Each of these integrated CBI programme follows the four-step cycle depicted in the arrow diagram below. This approach ensures that our programmes target the right actors in the right value chains in the right countries with the right service packages. In addition to enabling CBI to set clear targets, this approach also enables us to monitor and measure results.

To learn more about the four steps, click on any of the headings in the diagram below:



Managing for Development Results with nine guiding principles

CBI manages its programmes and activities on the basis of the Managing for Development Results (MfDR) concept. MfDR is a management strategy that focuses on using performance information to improve decision-making. It involves using practical tools for strategic planning, risk management, progress monitoring, and outcome evaluation.

In addition to this strategy, CBI has developed nine guiding management principles of its own.

Services description:


Export Coaching

Multi-year projects for enterprises wishing to export to the European Union and their own region. Are you an ambitious entrepreneur in a developing country with plans for exporting? Then CBI's Export Coaching is designed for you.

Institutional Development

Capacity Development for intermediate organisations that support exporters to export to the European Union and your own region. The CBI’s tailored modules will equip you with the knowledge and skills required to increase the number and quality of your services.



Human Resource Development

The objective of HRD (training programmes) is to create and develop (European) export related knowledge, skills and attitudes among representatives of SME clients and/or BSO staff. CBI offers a range of training courses on (European) export and European market related issues.

Company Database

Looking for a reliable supplier in a developing country? Avoid risks and save time and costs by using CBI's company database.

Company database

Market Intelligence

Market Intelligence

The CBI Market Intelligence Portfolio provides up-to-date EU market insights for 23 sectors concerning the trends, competitive field, trade channel and requirements.